Wednesday, June 18, 2014

WIP Wednesday - Pink & Chocolate

It's Wednesday again, and you know what that means.....  Time to show off some of my works-in-progress :) 

First up is my Pink & Chocolate Jolly Jelly Roll quilt.  I've got the main part of the top almost done with only one more row to sew on.  Then it's time to add the small, solid pink border, and then a border of the extra squares from the top, and it'll be ready to baste!  I know I wasn't sure on this one last week, but now that I've gotten more rows done and it's really coming together... it's growing on me.  I think I'll be really pretty once it's done!  My goal is to get the top done and the whole thing basted and quilted by the end of this weekend.  Soon it'll be another project checked off my to-do list :-)

Finally, I've got yet another Playtime Cuddle Quilt, this time for the baby shower I'm going to this weekend (the one where I knitted a blanket also).  I ran to JoAnn's last Friday night for one of their big "frenzy" sales and picked up some flannel that was on sale (plus I had a 20% off entire purchase coupon!).  Since I think these little quilts are so cute and useful, I just had to make one for the shower! 

I guess in my excitement of making another one, I didn't pay much attention to how much fabric I needed and how many different designs.  I completely forgot to grab the fabric for the posts and the cornerstones!  Not going to lie, when I started cutting the fabric on Monday night and realized what I had done... kinda had an anxiety attack :(  I don't have time to run back to JoAnn's this week to get any and I don't have anything in my stash that would work.  Thinking on my feet, I realized I had enough of the brown and teal left from doing the twists that I could use those instead.  I'm not quite 100% sold on the aesthetics of it, but it doesn't look terrible.  Instead of doing "Stitch In The Ditch" on this one (which I'm really lousy at anyways), I decided to do echo stitching and really like the looks of it.

Got the binding started last night and will get it hand-sewn tonight so it'll be ready to wrap for the shower on Sunday.  I LOVE these cute little quilts and they have seriously become my new "go-to" gift for showers.  I just need to find a better place to find flannel as JoAnn's (at least mine) doesn't have a big selection of boy prints.

Going to wrap up the cuddle quilt tonight after work, and then hopefully get the Pink & Chocolate flimsy done by the weekend so I can start basting and quilting :-)  Here's to a productive next few days!

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

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  1. Even if you aren't sure about your cuddle quilt, I think it's cute. And the pink and brown quilt is looking great.

  2. Your pink and chocolate quilt is looking good! And that cuddle quilt is just adorable!

  3. Such a fun pink quilt! So cute! Can't wait to see the finish!

  4. Pink and Chocolate is also one of my favorites, I also made one with a jelly roll. I love how we call it chocolate instead of brown, its just so much yummier! Cant wait to see it done, congrats 2 finishes in one week.

  5. I have so many quilt experiences like the one you describe -- you think things are going to work out one way and then you need to improvise. But the recipient will adore this cuddle quilt nonetheless and not even need an account of how you wished things had gone differently!

  6. I know that pink doesn't automatically make something awesome, but sometimes it really really does! That quilt top looks yum! Can't wait to see a flimsy!

  7. Two fabulous quilts and wonderful fabric colours! TFS