Thursday, June 19, 2014

Totally Cut Off!!

Well, I've done it.  Hit the "maximum capacity" line. Being as that I have only been officially quilting for a few months, I know my stash doesn't even compare to the more "seasoned" quilters out there.  A mere two tubs...that's it.  However, when you think about it rationally, two tubs over two months?!?!? That's some mega shopping!

I'm a project buyer... meaning I don't buy (or haven't bought) any fabrics just because I liked them.  Everything I have is earmarked for a specific project.  As you can see from the "To Do" list on the sidebar here on my blog, my list is a mile long already.  About 90% of the materials for those projects has been purchased already and are just sitting in the tubs waiting to be used.

I have had some time to think about this, and think I may have found the source of my "problem."  I enjoy the planning stages of projects.  Whether it be sewing/quilting, scrapbooking, or knitting... I think I must really enjoy doing the shopping and planning for projects.  I see something that, all of a sudden, I must make.  I then go deep into preparation mode.  From finding the pattern or inspiration source, to picking out the materials needed, to finding those materials at a store or online shop and purchasing them... it's like a total rush for me.  I anxiously await the package to arrive or the trip to the store to pick them up... feels like Christmas morning!

Now, for most people that wouldn't be a problem.  For me, it is!  I spend all that time and money preparing for a project, totally excited about it.  By the time everything is purchased or comes in, I've found five more projects to do the same process with.  It's a sickness I tell you!

The past two weeks have been like no other I've had in recent months!  I've added so many projects to the list, placed so many orders for materials and supplies, I'm overwhelmed!  I realized it's time to take a step back and re-evaluate.  I have listed the projects on my "To Do" list in the order in which I hope to complete them.  Most have deadlines (i.e. Christmas), but the rest do not.  I'm going to focus on those that need to be done sooner rather than later, and plug away at the list as best as I can.

That being said, I have TOTALLY CUT MYSELF OFF from shopping!  I can create wishlists, shopping lists, additional "To Do's" for the bucket list, but I am completely cut off from shopping and putting myself in the freezer!  I did this a while ago with my scrapbooking and it did seem to work.  With the exception of consumables and necessary items to finish a specific project... NO. MORE. SHOPPING!  Once I get a few projects on the list completely finished, I will re-assess the situation, but for now... that's it!

You'll see what I mean come in my upcoming Sunday Stash post this weekend.  Major haulage alert!!
It's killing me!  I've got JoAnn's coupons out to wazoo and I get emails practically daily with specials from all my favorite shops.  I just have to put the blinders on and focus on actually doing projects instead of just planning them.

I have to get into my craft room (hopefully at some point this weekend) and get it cleaned up and organized.  I think I may have found a solution to my fabric storage, but it will involve a quick trip to Wally World to pick up a couple of things.  Hopefully, if I get a chance to work on it some this weekend, I'll have some pics to share with you next week.

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Hope you're having a wonderful Thursday!!


  1. LOL! I feel your pain, Jess. Stop now while you still can! The rest of us are lost... :)

  2. I hear you, though I don't even buy for projects. It's an addiction! But the planning bit is the most fun. Rest assured you're not alone!!

  3. I share your problem. I have been amassing fabric and notions at an alarming rate, I have visions of many lovely completed projects. They are only visions though. I too am making a pledge to stop this mad accumulation of fabric and to work instead on actually producing something. I wish you luck Jess.

  4. your to-do list is just a baby one. I started out at the first of this year and listed all the projects for my sister and I. I have it broken down into three parts now, completed, tops done, and to-do. As of now there are 24 completed, 14 tops done, and 45 on the to-do list.

  5. Ha ha those quotes are funny.

  6. Good luck meeting your goal. I have worked through lots of UFOs to one to two WIPs. It is doable.