Wednesday, June 11, 2014

WIP Wednesday - Next On The List

Dr. Seuss quilt is D.O.N.E.!!  I've been trying for three days to get a good photo of it outside, but unfortunately Mother Nature has other plans.  I'm going to have photos by this week's TGIFF/Finish It Up Friday if it kills me.  Lol.

I finished the hand-binding on the Dr. Seuss quilt on Saturday night.... late Saturday night.  I was still antsy to continue working in my sewing room, but I was torn as to what to start next.  I settled on just cleaning up the monstrosity that was my craft room and went to bed.  Sunday came and went and I didn't have a chance to do anything... which was good because I still didn't know what I wanted to start.

Monday night came and I made a quick decision.... Jolly Jelly Roll quilt it is!  The materials for this one were the first I had bought (other than Dr. Seuss) when I first started quilting a few months ago.  I absolutely LOVE the Ansonia Pink & Chocolate Jelly Roll and couldn't wait to dive in and get to work :-)  I had picked up the backing, border, and binding fabric a while back at JoAnns, so it just needs a good pressing and they'll be ready to go as well.

I did as the instructions indicated and cut all 40 strips in half, creating a total of 80 - 2 1/2" x 22" strips.  I tried my best to sort them by color/hue as I wanted a really random assortment of the color combos. 

Randomly grabbing two at a time, I headed off to my sewing machine to start getting these together.  Surprisingly.... it went by REALLY fast.  Just randomly grabbed two, making sure they weren't the same color, zip them thru my machine with a 1/4" seam allowance, and before I knew it... they were all done!  I don't know how well all the combos go together, but since they're all from the same collection... I'm hoping they'll be OK in the finished product.
All sewn together and ready for pressing
Pressing all these open was honestly the easiest thing.  I inherited my mom's Oliso iron a few weeks back and it made pressing all these quick and painless.  As instructed in the instructions, I pressed all the seams open, and this iron did a GREAT job!! 

I was going to stop there for the night... but NOOOOOO.  I just couldn't leave that pile of freshly pressed strips just sitting there.  Lol.  I jumped right in and started cutting.

Made it thru a couple of the strips before I finally had to call it a night.  I'm sure it'll be a piece of cake zipping thru the rest of these of the next couple of nights and get started piecing the top together.  Hubby is DJ-ing a wedding this weekend, so I'll have Friday night/Saturday all day to myself.  At the rate I'm going with these projects, I may even have a quilt top done this weekend!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday!!

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  1. Congratulations on finishing your Dr. Seuss quilt and your jelly roll quilt looks like it will be fun and pretty.

  2. I love pink and chocolate brown together! I can't wait to see how your jelly roll quilt turns out. :)

  3. looking forward to seeing how it turns out! Good luck getting your photos- mother nature has been tricky here, too...

  4. Pink and chocolate - two of my favourite things! You have been busy ... will be back on Friday to see Dr Seuss - congrats on the finish :)

  5. So great to have a project that you don't want to stop working on. Have fun getting it finished.

  6. Great combination with the chocolate and pink. Looks yummy! And sounds like you are having a fun time! Looking forward to your Dr. Seuss and your progress on this cute project, too!