Wednesday, June 4, 2014

WIP Wednesday - Dr. Seuss Baby Quilt

Well, I'm bummed.  I got NO progress made on Dr. Seuss over the past few days, and I'm really disappointed.  Monday night after work was chaos, so I didn't get a chance to work on it.  Then yesterday I had a 7:30 am dr. appt and had a couple of painful tests done, so needless to say.... I didn't get any work done last night either.

It's still sitting on my floor, waiting to get worked on.  I'm really, really hoping I can get working on it over the next couple of days.  I'm probably going to have to run to JoAnn's at some point this weekend and pickup more backing fabric.  With this being my first real quilt, I think my math was a bit off and I'm going to come up short.  Ah shucks.... an excuse to have to go the craft store!  Lol.

I did manage to find some variegated Coats & Clark red, white and blue thread :-)  After a bunch of suggestions over on the message boards, I decided it had to be the best way to go.  Dragged Hubby out to JoAnn's last Sunday so I could pick some up.  Now if only I could get moving on finishing it up!  If I don't get to it this week during the week, I'm DEFINITELY working on it this weekend!

I have made some progress on an UFO knitting project though. I stated this adorable cardigan for my niece, Miss L, but it quickly got sidelined when I started quilting and trying to finish the baby blanket for that baby shower coming up. 

I'm making it in a 12-18 month size so it should fit her perfectly for this upcoming fall and winter season. It was a match made in heaven. I fell in love with the pattern and found the most beautiful yarn to make it in. I've got all done but the finishing on one little sleeve.  Definitely going to be able to cross this one off the list by the weekend!! Now the hard part is going to be waiting to give it to her on her 1st birthday in October :-)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday!!

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  1. You got talent..Visiting from WIP Wednesday, Hope you stop by and enter my giveaway.

  2. Count to 10 and breathe, sweetie. Okay, see that lovely quilt? It's not going anywhere ... take your time, enjoy the excitement before it's finished. It'll all work out :)

  3. Sorry to hear you had to go through painful tests... But hope the doc has given you some relief for whatever is ailing you, Jess. Your quilt looks fabulous and I am sure you will come up with a solution to your backing problem. Love that sweet sweater! That is going to look scrumptious on your little niece!