Wednesday, April 16, 2014

WIP Wednesday - Survivor Quilt

Here we go with my first WIP Wednesday for Freshly Pieced's blog.

I was able to make major headway over the past few days on my MIL's quilt.  All the pieces were cut and embroidered over the weekend and now it was just time to sandwich them together and get it laid out. 

I need a bigger floor.  Lol.  I had to move everything up against the walls to get this laid out properly, and even then I ran out of room.  I'm really pleased as to the looks of it.  I was honestly really worried about the grey/black squares being over-powering, but I don't think it looks too bad.  The quilt looks HUGE, but I just need to keep telling myself that with using 1/2" seam allowances, it'll shrink up a bit once it's all sewn together.

Hubs and I are going over to my parents house tonight, so I doubt I'll get any work done on it today :-(  I am, however, off work on Friday so my plan is to get started sewing it all together tomorrow night and finishing it up on Friday so I can get it off to the laundromat at some point to get it washed.

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  1. WOW - that is one fabulous quilt - going to look amazing when it's all together! TFS