Sunday, April 13, 2014


I just couldn't help myself... I swear!  It's not my fault that JoAnn's put out so many coupons and had what I needed wanted on sale for a crazy price!  Hubby should have known better too... to let me go to JoAnn's unattended, armed with coupons!

I had a bunch of 40% and 50% coupons, PLUS a 20% off your entire purchase coupon (including sale items!)  so I just couldn't help myself.  Three hours in the store later, I was walking out with some major loot.

Mega ton of fabric for upcoming projects - Simplicity patterns for my mom ($1 each!), a Singer sewing box, crib-sized Warm & Natural batting, 50-pk of Wonder Clips, Dual-Purpose Marking Pen, "Precut Quilts" from Leisure Arts, straight pins, curved safety pins, a 6"x12" Omnigrip ruler, spray water bottle, a bottle of Mary Ellen's Best Press, and finally.... an Oliso Pro Smart Iron (on sale in the store for 30% off!!).

Now, the iron was totally a non-planned purchase.  I have seen it on various blogs and on many YouTube videos, and I really love the concept of it.  However, the reviews are split right down the middle and I really can't justify the cost, even after the 30% off, if it's going to give me grief in a few months.  I have a feeling it's going to go back to the store this weekend :-(  Does anyone have any experience with this baby to give me some feedback as to whether or not I should keep it?

Oh, and I also managed to finally settle on an ironing board.  $99 in-store plus a 50% off coupon = Happy Rosie.
My mom bought this same one last year I believe and she said she's been happy with it.  Although, after reading the reviews on JoAnn's website, I'm not too sure about it now.  It may go back with the iron on Friday when I have a chance to get back to the store.  I'm not sure. :-(

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