Monday, April 7, 2014

I Need An Intervention

Hi, I'm Rosie, and I'm a craft-a-holic!

Seriously.... as Hubby frequently points out, when I get a bug up my butt about something, it's all I can think about.  I'm all about the sewing and quilting right now.  I've got so many projects planned, it's not even funny.  Now that I've finished my first cuddle quilt, I can't wait to get started on my next project.  I've got all the fabric cut for cuddle quilt #2, but I can't stop thinking about what project I'm going to work on next.

I can go ahead and post this here as I know she doesn't read my blog, but I'm going to be making my dear MIL a rag quilt for her birthday/Mother's Day next month.  She's a soon-to-be cancer survivor and I saw an this awesome blanket at the sewing expo over the weekend that I thought would be perfect for her. I didn't buy the kit because the color for general cancer is purple, but I managed to find her shop on Etsy and going to use it for inspiration.

Photo Credit: on Etsy
I LOVE the look of this quilt, but wanted to make it a little bigger.  Hers is 48" x 48" and I want to make more of a throw quilt.  So... I've modified the design a bit making it bigger, but also adding some "Rosie Touches" to it.  Instead of the word "HOPE" going across it, I'm going to use my embroidery machine to embroidery a couple of really pretty designs I found over at Embroidery Library

Because I'm a dork (and a computer wiz), I made up a layout in Excel as to what I want the blanket to look like.

The finished blanket will be 52" x 71" roughly.  I'm going to do some appliques as well as some fully embroidered designs on the white squares.  I just need to find an applique design of an awareness ribbon to use and I'm all set.  Hopefully my machine will cooperate with me and I can get them all done.  If not, I do have a plan B.... go to my mom's house and use her "Cadillac" Viking machine :-)

Armed with a handful of coupons again, I headed off to JoAnn's after work tonight and picked up all the fabric for this baby.

Only one problem.  I was looking for a dark purple flannel print for the solid squares (no embroidery) and COULD NOT FIND ONE to save my life!  I swear... they don't make purple flannel for some reason.  So, I had to improvise.  I think the grey/black scroll will work.  I'm just worried it'll make the quilt too dark.  Ah well... we shall see.

Even after all the planning I've done for this blanket, I've managed to plan not one but TWO more!  It's involving some shopping online and then yet another trip to JoAnn's this weekend to pickup all the stuff.  I just can't help myself.  There is just so much I want to do!  Add to that the THREE knitting projects I've got on the needles right now, and the TWO scrapbooks I'm working on.... there is just not enough time in the day for me to get it all done!

Can't wait until next week when I've got a three day weekend that I can just spend in my craft cave :-)

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