Sunday, April 27, 2014

Better Than I Had Hoped

Well, today was the day I took my MIL's Survivor quilt to the laundromat. 

I put it into a double-load machine, added the detergent, loaded it up with quarters, and said a prayer.  I was terrified that it would come out of the washer in pieces.  I did fix the seams that I found I had accidentally snipped, but wasn't sure if there were others that I missed.  As it was turning around in the machine, I watched.  Watched for a sign of something gone wrong.  Fortunately, to my surprise, it came out just fine!  Off to the dryer it went for a whopping 40 minutes to get it to dry completely.

After all was said and done... I'm ecstatic on how it turned out!
The seams frayed nicely, there were no more popped seams, and it's ever so soft!  I seriously can't wait until next weekend to give it to her!  I had to drive straight from the laundromat to a bridal shower, and I was showing it off to everyone.  It did shrink, but not too badly.  I was honestly worried that it was going to be too big, but now it's just that perfect size to cuddle up on the couch with!

I didn't get a chance to take a full-size photo today with the shower and all, but I will definitely get one posted before we give it to her on Saturday.  I can't wait to see the look on her face :-)


  1. It looks lovely, as I knew it would.

  2. Glad the clean went with out a hitch. Looks fabulous! TFS