Saturday, April 12, 2014

Busy, Busy Day

No crafting for this gal today :-(  Between sleeping in a bit this morning and all the running around we had to do... no chance I was going to get into the Craft Cave and get any work done. 

Today is my FIL's birthday, so we headed down to Akron to visit.  After a quick stop at the mall to pick up his birthday gift, we were on our way. 

It is really nice that we get to go down and visit for a while, and my MIL is doing fabulous!  She's all done with her radiation <insert happy dance here> and is on her way to recovery!  We got to spend some quality time with Hubby's family and it was just so nice.  Plus, the weather cooperated beautifully, so we have an awesome day weather-wise for a nice drive down there. 

Hubby and I went on a mission when we left for the perfect ironing board.  My current ironing board is about 13 years-old and it was one of the cheapo ones from WallyWorld.  It's rusted, doesn't like to stay up, and in general... has seen better days.  So, while we were out, Hubby carted me around to about 5 different stores... none of which had one that I liked!!  Seriously, how difficult can it be to find an ironing board (especially one that doesn't cost a kidney!)?  Striking out at every store, we finally decided just to head home and we'd continue the search another day.

So... we're home, and I am totally drained from a long day out.  Really don't have the energy to do any crafting.  PLUS, I really don't have the energy to clean up my room so that I can actually get some work done.

Please tell me that I'm not the only one with a messy craft room!  How much more crafting stuff can I cram into one room?  I've got sewing/quilting stuff, scrapbooking stuff, and knitting/crocheting stuff all crammed into one little space.  I seriously can't wait until we move (eventually).  I'll need a room specifically for each one of my crafts.   He he he.

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