Monday, April 28, 2014

All Because Hubby Has A Big Mouth

I don't normally tackle what I consider big projects on week nights.  After getting home from work and getting dinner, I'm usually just plain wore out to do anything major.  Well... tonight had to be an exception.

Hubby works with my BIL (sister's husband) and I guess they were sitting around at lunch sometime last week chatting about cakes for some reason.  My BIL proceeded to tell everyone about the "best cupcakes he's ever had" and that I made them.  Hubby... being the sweetheart he is... volunteered me to make a batch for him to bring in so that everyone can try these "World's Greatest Cupcakes."  Yippee for me right? 

It's not just the time that it takes to make the cupcakes that's a pain (especially on a week night), but also shopping for the ingredients.  See...they're not just plain old chocolate cupcakes.

They're Irish Carbomb Cupcakes.  Chocolate-Guinness cupcakes with a chocolate-Jameson ganache, topped with Bailey's buttercream icing.  Very labor intensive to make as well as expensive.  I found the recipe over on The Brown Eyed Baker's blog, made them a few years ago for St. Patrick's Day and the BIL practically ate them all!  So, Hubby tells me last week that he wants to bring these cupcakes in on Tuesday when they do their pot-luck lunch.  If it wasn't for the fact that the BIL was talking them up so much, I probably wouldn't have.  But..... since they were so enthusiastically requested, as well as Hubby volunteering me to bring them, I obliged. 

Off to the grocery store we went on Saturday.  Had to pickup the beer, the whiskey, and the Irish Creme.  Problem is, you have to buy whole bottles of the stuff.  A four-pack of the beer, the 750mL bottle of whiskey, and the giant bottle of Irish Creme.  Seems kinda a waste to me for just making the cupcakes.  Fortunately, we have a new fancy-shmancy grocery store (Market District Giant Eagle for those in the area) that was a total God-send.  I was able to get one bottle of Guinness, a small bottle of Jameson, and the airplane sized bottles of Bailey's.  WOO HOO!!

I managed to crank out two dozen of them tonight after work, and boy does Hubby owe me!  I'm up way past my week-night bedtime, and I'm covered in powdered sugar.  I really hope they live up to the all the hype and everyone likes them tomorrow!

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  1. Oh yumo! I'm an Irish Girl who loves anything Irish so I'll have to try that recipe, thanks for the link.