Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hoppy Easter!

Hope everyone is having a Very Happy Easter!  The Easter Bunny came and visited me last night :-)

Ironically he brought all of Hubby's favorites ;-)  It was really sweet of him to think of me though!

Before we got started with our day, I grabbed a bunch of fabric I bought for some upcoming projects, serged the edges with my Serger, and then threw them in the washer.  THANK GOD for the Shout Color Catchers!  I had one piece of red-red fabric that needed washed, and I was terrified it was going to bleed.  So, I threw it all in together with two of the color catchers and there was absolutely NO bleeding!  Woo Hoo!  These things are the most ingenious inventions, and I may have to take up stock in the company because I know I'll be using them on everything now!

Once everything was washed and dried, it was time for the fun part... ironing.  Took me about a half hour, but I got everything pressed and ready to go.

Top two cotton prints are for a self-binding receiving blanket for my baby gift stash.  The next three (blue, red, and black) are for an upcoming Dr. Seuss quilt I'm going to be working on, and then the bottom two cotton prints are for some reversible placemats for my kitchen. 

I can't wait to get started on my next project... but I'm trying to be good and finish the Survivor Quilt first. I got it all sewn together (haven't taken a picture yet... sorry!!) and am ready to start snipping seams.  As soon as that's all done (I'm hoping by this weekend), I can get started on another project.  I've got a million projects to do (and to finish!), and before I start a new one, one of the old ones needs to be completed.  Great idea in theory, but who knows if I'll actually be able to keep it up.  Lol.  I've got severe craft project ADD and can't just focus on one project at at time.  :-)

We spent the day with my family over at my sister & BIL's house.  We had a great dinner and it was wonderful to spend time with the family and with my ADORABLE niece... Miss L.

Hope everyone had a fabulous Easter! 

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  1. Your going to be busy with all that fabulous fabric! Have a great week.