Friday, May 30, 2014

TGIFF!/Finish It Up Friday - Baby Blanket

I know it's not sewing/quilting related, but I did manage to finish a project last night... A knitted one.

My sister's girlfriend is pregnant and I wanted to make her something. Honestly, I stumbled upon this pattern and just couldn't wait to have a baby to make it for :-). It was super simple and easy to memorize. I love knitting, maybe more than any other craft I do.  I think it's in part that it is something I can easily take with me and work on it in spurts. Plus, I've been knitting for a lot longer than anything else, so I'm more confident in my abilities. 

Here's the project details:
All-in-all, it's a great pattern. I added the extra stitches and repeats to accommodate the sport weight yarn. In retrospect, I should have dropped at least one needle size and slipped the first stitch on every row to make a nice, finished edge. Live and learn right?

This was a great project, but I'm thankful it's done and ready to go... With time to spare even. The shower isn't until June 21st, but I'm so happy I got it done. All it needs is to be washed and it'll be ready to wrap :-)

I did also finish the Cleveland Browns baby rag quilt this week.  Got it off to the laundromat on Sunday and now it's ready to go :-)   Off to be put away for the (hopeful) future "Baby Rockstar" or another lucky Cleveland Browns fan recipient.

Blanket before snipping seams and washing

With the finish line being in sight all week on the knitted baby blanket, I haven't had a chance to start my Dr. Seuss quilt.  You know how it is.... you're so close to finishing that you can't even think about working on something else until you get it done.  Hubby is dj-ing a party tonight, so I'll have the house to myself and can really get started on getting all the blocks cut and pieced.  Hoping to make a nice dent in the quilt top this weekend and get the party started on my first "official" quilt.

Check this project off the "To Do" list :-)  Hope everyone has a fabulous Friday!!!

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  1. You should do more pics of that blanket. This is just too small snippet :-)

  2. That blanket is beautiful and you were so fast! I barely knit but I do crochet and it's not a quick project at all. I think a lot of quilters do another hobby on the side too like knitting, crochet, scrapbooking, so don't be shy!

  3. Love you knitted baby blanket - it looks so very soft and cuddly :)

  4. Gorgeous knitted blanket and love that you managed to finish that quilt too. Great week and have a fabulous rest of the weekend.

  5. Just followed your lovely blog! Please come follow us back!

    Anna and Sarah