Monday, May 19, 2014

Make-A-List Monday

Phew... it's been a week and a half since my last post!!  Where did the time go?!?!?  Well, part of it was crazy, stressful days at work resulting in literally crashing when I got home.  The other part, and I'm pleased to announce, was a couple of productive days.  Housework and laundry mainly, but I did manage to get into my "Craft Cave" this weekend and get some work done on a couple of projects :)

Unfortunately, the rest of the weekend was chaos, so I didn't get a chance to take any pictures.  I'm planning on doing that tonight when I get home so I have a couple of things to share with you. I have a finished project, and one WIP moving. :-)

So... with it being Monday, I thought it would be a good idea to do a "Make-A-List  Monday" so I can see where I'm at.  I posted a list on my last post, but it has been adjusted a tiny bit since then.  This is a comprehensive list of all the projects that I need to do/need to finish.  Hoping that putting all down in a list will help me stay motivated.  Without further ado, here we go...


  1. Finish Baby Blanket for a baby shower next month.  I'm about 75% of the way done... but then Vito (the fur-baby) decided he needed to get into my knitting bag and play with it.  I haven't had a chance to look at it since Saturday night, but I'm praying its OK.  If not, I'll have to come up with something else to make her :-(
  2. Start Fingerless Gloves for my "Secret Santa" gift for Christmas this year.  Every year, my family does a Secret Santa exchange where you have a certain dollar amount limit to the store-bought gifts and then you have to do a handmade gift.  This year we pulled names in January so we would have plenty of time to get the handmade part done.  The yarn is bought and ready to go :-)
  3. Finish Sunnyside Cardigan for Miss L.  I started this cardigan back in March and it's a 12-18 month size, so I've got some time to finish it.  It does need finished though, and preferably before her 1st Birthday in October.
  4. Finish Entrelac Pillows for living room.  I've got the first one at about 75% done and all 4 pillow forms bought.  Just need to get these suckers done.  Not a hard pattern by no means, just a little time consuming.
  5. Finish Endless Waves Scarf for me.  I found this pattern on Raverly and fell in love.  I ran out and bought the perfect yarn for it and cast on.  Well, it was short lived as sometimes I have a bad case of "start-itis" and quickly cast on for another project shortly after starting this one.  I would like to get this one done by the fall so I can use it this winter.


  1.  "Playtime" Cuddle Quilt for Miss L.  D.O.N.E.!!!  Finished on Saturday (5/17) Pics to come :-)
  2. Finish Placemats for my kitchen.  I got the pieces cut on Saturday and the interfacing attached to the backing.  I'm adding some embroidery to the top and I hope to get started on that this week after work.  After the embroidery, the rest should go together quite quickly.
  3. Cleveland Browns Baby Rag Quilt.  Easy-peasy quilt for my "stash" of baby stuff.  All the materials are bought and ready to go.  Going to try and whip this one up as soon as the placemats are done.
  4.  "Dr. Seuss" Disappearing 9-patch baby quilt.  This is for my "stash" of baby stuff, so there's no real deadline for this.  I am using this quilt as an icebreaker for getting into doing larger quilts.  All the fabric is bought and pre-washed.  Just need to get started on it.
  5.  (5) Self-Binding Receiving Blankets for gift stash.  Saw the tutorial on YouTube and thought they would make quick and easy baby gifts.  All the fabric is bought, just needs pre-washed.  Going to use these as in-between projects.
  6. "Jolly Jelly Roll" Quilt for my BFF for Christmas.  This is going to be a huge undertaking for me as it will be my first big quilt.  Pattern seems easy to understand and not so complicated that I think I'm getting in over my head.  Fabric/batting/backing is bought for this, but that's as far as I've gone with it.  Hoping to get started by the end of June/beginning of July on this one.
  7. Lattice Quilt for Aunt #1 for Christmas this year.   I've got the precuts all picked out over on Missouri Start Quilt Co. website, and I picked up the backing and batting yesterday at JoAnn's (had some mega coupons). Hoping to start this one by the end of July/beginning of August
  8. Easy Jelly Roll Quilt for Aunt #2 for Christmas this year.  Again, the precuts are all picked out and sitting in a cart on Missouri Star, and I picked up the backing and batting yesterday at JoAnn's.  I'm hoping to get this one started by the end of August/beginning of September.
  9. Rag Quilt for my Grandma for Christmas.   My mom loved the Survivor Rag Quilt I made so much, she suggested I make one similar for my Grandma for Christmas this year as she is also a cancer survivor (colon cancer). 
  10. "Summer In The Park" Quilt for my living room.  Fabric and materials are bought, just waiting to be started.  With this one being for my living room and really not having a deadline, it's been bumped to the bottom of the list.  I would like to get it done by the end of the year, but looking back on my list, it's not looking to promising. 
As of right now, this looks to be it for the projects to do.  This isn't including any of my scrapbooking WIPs and UFOs, but those really don't have a deadline and I work on them here and there in between other projects. 

WOW!!!! That's a LOT of stuff to do!!  Especially with summer right around the corner.  Our weekends become a bit chaotic during the summer and my time in my Craft Cave is going to be limited, so I need to make the most out of my time.  I'm really going to do everything I can to get thru this list one way or another.  Just need to keep the mojo going and motivating myself to keep going.

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and a wonderful Monday!!

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  1. Well I can see your going to be busy busy busy, for quite sometime LOL! Can't wait to see what you achieved over the weekend.