Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Craftsy Workshop

So, being new to this whole sewing/quilting game (well, not really new, just newly dedicated), I know I still have a LOT to learn.  I've been reading blogs, watching tutorials on YouTube, and taking in as much information as I can.  I feel that with every project my abilities and confidence grows.  With that, I'm starting to (in my opinion) get a little ahead of myself with being a little over-ambitious on projects.

However, I read over on Amy Smart's Blog (Diary of A Quilter) that she was going to be doing a workshop over on Craftsy for a "mystery quilt" of sorts and I got totally intrigued.  I'm a fan of Amy's patterns, and know she's got something great in store for us!

Unfortunately, as I just went to get the link for the Craftsy signup page, it has disappeared.  I'm guessing that means it's sold out :-(  (EDIT: Finally found the page on Craftsy.  Looks to still be available.) So glad I grabbed it when I did!!  It starts on June 1st, and the kit you get comes with everything you need to do the project.  I did also order the additional 5 yards of matching backing fabric so I can actually finish it!  Just gotta pick up the batting for it, but I can do that once I get the top all done.

I've never done any project (knitting, sewing, etc.) that has been a complete mystery before starting.  Really hoping I didn't get in over my head on this one, and that it'll actually be a project I can complete :-)

Can't wait for June 1st to get started!

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