Monday, March 9, 2015

OOPS! I Did It Again

Every time I put myself on a "diet," I manage to fall off the wagon.  Not just a little bit, completely off the wagon.  Sometimes I can't help it ;-)  When there are so many gorgeous fabrics and so many great deals to be had.... I just can't help myself. 

Aside from the crazy order I got last week from Wawak for more zippers (216 in total!), I found this A-MAY-ZING online store located in Fort Worth, TX.

Fort Worth Fabric Studio

Jodie and the gals over at The Fort Worth Fabric Studio have such a great online store, PLUS they've got a totally awesome blog with tons of patterns and tutorials.  My mail organizer I made a few weeks back came from their blog :D  I grabbed a few of their "Friday Bundle Batches" from a few weeks ago and checked out.  The next day I realized I forgot to order one and placed a second order.  They've got such great customer service that with a quick email, Jodie was able to combine the two orders and ship them together.  Easy peasy!  Ordered on March 4/5 and received it on 3/7!  Lightning fast shipping :D

Here's what I got....

They even included a cute FWFS pen and a YUMMY hot cocoa mix (it didn't make it 10 minutes in my house! Lol).  I LOVE their shop and they have just gotten a loyal customer out of me!  I'm looking forward to their upcoming Friday Bundle Batches.  I'm sure there will be more heading my way :D  These fabrics are slated to be used for more Bionic Gear Bags, but I'm not quite sure.  They're so pretty.... I don't know if I'll be able to actually cut into them or not!  Ha ha ha.

If all that isn't enough..... I went to JoAnns.  Not once, but TWICE over the weekend!  Went right after work on Friday, only to grab some more yarn I needed to finish up my Baby Brights Scallop Blanket.  The yarn wasn't on sale, but I had a bunch of 50% off coupons to use.  That was the ONLY thing I was supposed to get.  Weeeeellllll.... you know how that goes.  Lol.  Came home with just a wee more than I had planned on.

The ONLY things I went into JoAnn's For!

The additional stuff that "jumped" into my cart before I left the store

And THEN... on my way home Friday night I realized I forgot the batting I needed.  I'm making a Doll Carrier for my niece's American Girl Doll.  Bought the fabric and the bias tape and everything.... forgot the batting.  I don't normally use this kind of batting, so I don't have any scraps.  JoAnn's had all their batting 50% off, so I was kicking myself for not grabbing it.  This would just have to require another trip... doesn't it?  Lol.

Grabbed the batting, plus some more Warm & Natural since they were on sale as well.  Again, that was all I was going in to get, but somehow my cart ended up full again.  Lol.  I grabbed enough flannel to make 4 of my little Cuddle Blankets for my in-progress Etsy store I'm putting together, and then I made the mistake of going over to their remnant bin.  50% off the current price per yard.  With the Anti-Pill Fleece Solids already on sale for $4.99/yd, most of these remnants only cost me a little over $1.  Don't really have a plan in place for them, but I'm sure I'll think of something.  Lol.

That's IT!  Well, until I go to the Sewing & Quilting Expo here in Cleveland in two weeks with my mom.  I've gotta save pennies for that trip!

"Ransacked" the remnant bin!

Flannel for 4 Cuddle Blankets and 1 Self-Binding Receiving Blanket, and "Dr Who" fabric for a shirt for Hubby

Always needed cotton batting, plus some new crochet hooks and a case

Looks like I've got a LOT to do.  Best get back to work so I can "un-bury" myself from the piles of stuff in my craft room!

Happy Monday Everyone!

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  1. LOL! What a haul! You and your ever growing stash of fabric!! I love the look of the Silent Movie bundle! TFS