Saturday, August 30, 2014

SEWjo Saturday: Paid In Full

Being a little out of practice with garment sewing, this one took a little longer than I had thought, but I got it done and now Hubby is "Paid In Full" for our little road trip a few weeks ago.

It's a little "loud" for my taste, but Hubby LOVES it!  He wasn't home last night when I finished it, so I made him try it on first thing this morning to see if it fit. Like a glove! 

It is a small thing to check off my list of stuff to do, but it's a finish nonetheless. One down... Three to go. Lol. Once I told him I could make button-down shirts, he started putting in requests. I've got fabric for three more shirts waiting in the wings. They're great in-between projects, so I'm sure he won't have to wait too long for the next one :-)

Hope everyone is having a super Saturday!!


  1. This is fabulous Jess - you are so talented! Glad your husband liked it!

  2. Jess, that is so funny that you have a permanent repeat customer there. His shirt looks great! Is that comic graphics fabric? It's cool!