Thursday, August 14, 2014


Monday night I finished the borders on my Lattice Quilt, made the binding, pieced the backing, and pressed the batting (W&N). Came home Tuesday night all excited to get it basted. That's where things went south....

1. 3 of the 6 clamps I bought to clamp the backing to my table snapped before I could even get them on! Just got them last week and this is the first time I went to use them.

2. I ran out of curved safety pins while basting. Went thru two whole boxes and it still wasn't enough. I'll have to re-pin before quilting the borders.

3. Got it all basted and went to cut the excess batting off and low and behold.... My backing wasn't long enough!! I'm gonna try and just add a piece to the end (about 3" or so). It's on the back so hopefully it won't be too noticeable.

4. Now I have no clue how to quilt it!! I've not done enough FMQ to attempt it on such a large quilt. Thinking I may just do echo stitching in the lattice.
All basted

After sewing about a 3" strip onto the backing where I was short, I got my brand spankin new Machiner's gloves on and started quilting on Rosie.  After spending WAY too long contemplating how I was going to quilt it, I just decided to wing it.  I already had the walking foot on my machine, so I just changed out the feet to the open-toe one and got to stitchin.

Got the first pass done on Tuesday night and am hoping I can get the rest of this quilting between now and the end of the weekend!  I can't wait to see how it turns out, and it's going to feel awesome to have another Christmas present checked off the list!

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  1. Looking good and these things are sent to test us LOL! DId you stitch in the ditch on the diagonal in the end? Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. P.S. Your blog is so pretty to look at. Great choice of background.

  3. Good for you not letting those unfortunate mishaps keep you from quilting on, Jess! You are going to LOVE those new Machiner's gloves. When I finally got a pair, I could not believe I had gone so long without them! Echo stitching on the lattice was a good call. Can't wait to hear about your progress!