Friday, January 23, 2015

Finish Friday: Side Projects

Wowzers!  Been a minute since I posted... Sorry!!  Guess my "New Years Resolution" to post more frequently isn't going so well. Lol. 

I have been a busy little bee though. Cranked out a couple of small projects, even though Hubby's "Family Guy" quilt is sitting.... Basted and ready to quilt. I think subconsciously I keep putting it off because I still don't have a "plan" for quilting yet. I'm vowing to get to it this weekend though.... I'd like to get this done before spring and Hubby can actually use it before next winter!!  Lol

Finish #1 (& 2) - "Rock Legends"Button-Down Shirts (x2) for Hubby and his DJ-ing partner


There are actually 2 shirts in this pic, but really all you can see is one.  Hubby picked out this fabric from called "Rock Legends Musical Skulls."  Quite appropriate for them seeing as its skulls with headphones :)  This makes shirts numbered #7 & 8 that I've made so far.  Getting so good at these that I don't even need the directions anymore!

Rock Legends Shirt Details:

  • Started: January 9, 2015     Finished: January 20, 2015
  • Pattern:  McCall's M2149
  • Fabric: Rock Legends Musical Skulls
  • Notions: 4 - 3/4" Black Buttons
  • Thread: Coats & Clark - Black All-Purpose Thread



 Finish #3 - Wall Organizer


I stumbled upon a gal's blog called Fort Worth Fabric Studio and checked out all her awesome tutorials.  Saw this adorable wall organizer and knew right away I needed to make one :-)  While at what has become my weekly pilgrimage to JoAnn's last Friday, I picked up the fabrics for this to match my kitchen.  Came together so easy, I thought I was doing something wrong... Lol.  I even used "Pearl" to do some embroidery on it.  Used the Viking 6D Communicator software to use a font off of my PC on my embroidery machine.  So incredibly proud of myself for that one... Ha ha ha.  I know it's not centered, and at first I couldn't figure out why.  But after a post over on one of the Facebook groups I belong to, I found out that there is an official top and bottom of the inner hoop for the machine, and the little arrows need to match.  Whoops!  Didn't know that!  Wasn't too big of a deal considering it's just for me, but now I know for future reference :-)

Wall Organizer Details:

 I've also got a crochet WIP going too....  Like I don't have enough projects on my plate as it is.  Lol. 

I found this kit over at Herrschners for their Baby Bright Scallops Blanket that I though was absolutely adorable!  Considering I've got a yarn stash that looks more like a yarn store... I figured instead of buying the kit, I'd use something I already had.  The pattern was pretty easy to figure out, and once I got done digging thru all my tubs to find something to make it with... I was ready to go.  I've got a girlfriend expecting #4 this weekend, and thought the colors would work well for her.  This is boy #3, and they're totally not the fru-fru baby colors types.  I was hoping to get it done before "Baby J" makes his arrival, but it's taking me a lot longer than I thought it would.  I haven't crocheted anything in YEARS, but it really is like riding a bike, so I picked it back up with no problem.  I just can only manage to get 1-2 color rows done a night before I start going cross-eyed and have to put it down for the evening.  Got the last 6-7 episodes of American Horror Story: Freak Show to watch, so maybe I'll plop down at some point this weekend and get some work done on it. 

Hope everyone has had a wonderful week, and have a great weekend to come!

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  1. Wow! You have been busy. Well done on all of your finishes, they look great. Visiting from FIUF.

  2. Love the shirt and the organizer. Beautiful crochet - do you ever stop LOL!

  3. Hi Jess! Your mail organizer turned out great! Love your fabric choices PLUS the embroidery - what a nice touch! Thanks for being such a great customer, too! :)