Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Santa Baby

Santa was VERY good to me this year!!  He definitely got wind of my new "obsession," and brought me plenty of new toys!

First up.... my gifts from my "Secret Santa."

My immediate family decided a few years ago that instead of everyone exchanging gifts, that we would do a "Secret Santa."  Each person would only have one person to buy for.  There is a $100 limit on store-bought gifts, and each person has to do a handmade gift.  Fortunately for me, my "Secret Santa" was my mom this year.... meaning she actually knew what the items on my wish list actually were.  Lol!

Mom got me the Martelli ErgoCutter, Skini-Mini Rulers Set, Individual Block Templates w/Fussy Cut Windows - Sizes 5.5" and 7.5", and Measure Cuts Scissors.  I also got two of the feet I wanted for my Viking machines... the Free Motion Echo Quilting foot and the Left Edge Top Stitch Foot.  Then, my parents still fill our stockings with little things, and this year I also go two rolls of Sulky stabilizer :-)  I'm so lucky to have had a crafty "Secret Santa."

Next up.... gift from the in-laws.

My MIL must have called Hubby and asked what I wanted for Christmas.  They got me the Queen-Sized Supreme Slider that I also had on my wish list.  She had no clue what it even was... so I know Hubby must have told her I wanted one.  Lol.  I have the smaller version of it and I love it.  It just is a little bit on the small side when it comes to doing larger quilts.  Now I've got both sizes and am prepared for anything!

Finally.... my gifts from Hubby a.k.a "Santa".

He got me all the organization stuff I had on my wishlist from Michaels.  We moved my craft room during our break from work (both of us were off work the week between Christmas and New Years) and I really wanted a pegboard to put by my cutting table to hold all my goodies.  Now it's just a matter of getting Hubby to actually put them up for me :-)

I was totally SHOCKED when I opened up the last present....

Not only does he pay attention when I talk, but must have a super memory to remember that I really wanted an Open Toe Free Motion Quilting Foot AND also the Do-It-All Quilter's Hoop for my embroidery machine!

LOTS of new goodies to play with... and now that my room is moved (post with pics later this week), I've got no excuse not to get in and play with them!

Hope everyone is having a terrific Tuesday!

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  1. What great gifts! I am squealing with joy on your behalf! I got some good quilty stuff from my gal pals!

  2. You are one lucky quilter! Fantastic gifts...you're going to have so much fun quilting this year with all those goodies!

  3. Wow! You must have been really, really good this past year for Santa to bring you all of those goodies! Have fun organizing and creating with your new toys!

  4. How fun! There's nothing better than Christmas crafting goodies.

  5. You scored! I am impressed with your hubby actually shopping for crafty supplies--mine just gives me money or gift cards.