Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 Already?!?!

Wow!  I can't believe we're already into 2015!!  The past few months have been such a whirlwind and went by so quickly.... I was having a hard time trying to keep up!  I've got a LOT I want to share.... finished Christmas gifts, what Santa brought me, details of "Operation: Rosie Needs A Bigger Craft Room," as well as my first project for 2015.  I honestly started writing posts, but then got side tracked and never finished them :-(

That being said.... I'm going to do all my updating over the next few days and then ** hopefully ** get back on track with future posts :-)

Update #1: Finished Christmas 2014 Gifts

Total of 8 quilts in a little less than 6 months!  Not too shabby.... especially for a "newbie" like myself.  All quilts were done, washed, labeled, and wrapped by Christmas Eve!  It was a race to the finish line, but they all made it in time.  Some of them I've already shared, but there were the final couple that haven't been posted yet.

2014 Christmas gift quilts - Ready to Wrap!

Without further ado... Here are the completed Christmas gift quilts for 2014...

1.  Jolly Jelly Roll Quilt - given to my BFF

2.  Lattice Quilt - given to my Aunt Susie

3.  Easy Jelly Roll Quilt - given to my Aunt Debbie

4.  Yellow Brick Road Quilt - given to my Grandma

5.  Garden Party Quilt - given to Hubby's Grandma

Garden Party Quilt Details:

6.  Steelers Rag Quilt - given to Hubby's Grandpa

Steelers Rag Quilt Details:
  • Started: November 27, 2014       Finished: December 2, 2014
  • Pattern: My Own Pattern
  • Fabrics: Steelers Cotton, Black Keepsake Calico Cotton, Gold Keepsake Calico Cotton, Black Snuggle Flannel, and White Snuggle Flannel <-- All from JoAnn's
  • Thread: Omni Black Thread
  • Batting: None

 7. "Realtree" Hunting Rag Quilt - given to Hubby's step-father

"Real Tree" Hunting Rag Quilt Details:
  • Started: December 2, 2014       Finished: December 6, 2014
  • Pattern: My Own Pattern
  • Fabrics: "Real Tree" Cotton, Brown Keepsake Calico Cotton, Hunter Green Keepsake Calico Cotton, Brown Snuggle Flannel, and White Snuggle Flannel <-- All from JoAnn's
  • Thread: Coats & Clark Machine Quilt Cotton Thread - Dogwood
  • Batting: None

8.  OSU Rag Quilt - given to Hubby's brother

OSU Buckeyes Rag Quilt Details:
  • Started: December 6, 2014       Finished: December 9, 2014
  • Pattern: My Own Pattern
  • Fabrics: Ohio State Cotton, Grey Keepsake Calico Cotton, Red Green Keepsake Calico Cotton, Grey Snuggle Flannel, and White Snuggle Flannel <-- All from JoAnn's
  • Thread: Coats & Clark Machine Quilt Cotton Thread - Nugrey
  • Batting: None
Phew..... I'm getting tired again just thinking about all that!  Lots of hard work, hand-binding, cursing (lol), and hand-cramping (from snipping all those seams)... but it was totally worth it!  I even put "Pearl" thru the ringer and made matching labels for all of them.

I used some of the leftover fabrics from the fronts of the quilts and added borders around them.  Spent two nights hand-sewing them to the backs of the quilts... and they were all ready to go! I honestly kinda impressed myself with all of this... they all turned out well, AND they were all done in time!

Well, that's it for my first update for 2015 :-)  I'll be back with more in the days to come.  Stay tuned.....


  1. Wow! You have been a busy girl! You were kind enough to email me your rag quilt pattern and it went together perfectly! Well...almost...the only problem I had was with matching my seams in one area. I didn't notice til I had snipped the seams but I think it will be ok. Your directions were great. Thanks so much for sharing! I am half way done snipping my first and have the pieces for a second cut. Thanks for being an inspiration!--Missy

    1. So glad it worked out for you Missy! Be sure to send me photos!!!! :-)

      Thanks for visiting!

  2. Oh my goodness your quilts are gorgeous!!!! If you were making a first time quilt..... what would you go with?

  3. Awesome gifts, and some fast finishes. You got a lot done!

  4. your quilts look so fun. don't you love those raggy quilts? especially on a cold day? I think my favorite is the lattice. great year of quilts!

  5. Wow you were productive! Looking at them makes me want to grab one and snuggle up under it.

  6. Great job on all those quilts! I hope everyone loved their gifts!

  7. Wow, just wow! 8 quilts? I'm so impressed. I'm sure they will be loved and cherished. Great job!

  8. Phew! I think you win the gold medal for most quilts made and given for Christmas! They all look awesome, well done!

  9. Wow, I can't believe you finished so many quilts in such a short time. My quilting machine is so neglected. You are an inspiration.