Wednesday, January 7, 2015

WIP Wednesday: First Project of 2015!

With having all my WIPs done and getting my room moved... I couldn't wait to get started on a new project.  Only one problem... I couldn't decide on which one.  Lol.  Too many on the list to choose from, and honestly it became overwhelming to even think about it.  I didn't sew one single stitch from the Tuesday before Christmas to this past weekend.  I was starting to get antsy, but just couldn't settle on a project to start.  Should I start the wall-hanging I want to do?  Or the quilt for my mom?  Or the quilt for my living room?  The decision making was driving me nuts!  I finally just decided to just stick my hand into my project tub and just pick one.... so that's what I did.

The winner is......

"Family Guy" Quilt for the Hubby!!! 

I bought these fat quarters some time ago from the Fat Quarter Shop when they had them as their daily flash sale.  I bought two of the FQ bundles and I think they were only around $12 each!!  I grabbed two because I had no clue what I was going to do with them yet and I wanted to make sure I had enough.  Thankfully I did as they're not available on their site anymore :(

The pattern is "Jack's Blocks" by A Bright Corner and I got it off of Craftsy.  I needed a pattern that would allow for the large prints in this set, and this one fit the bill nicely.  I had to make some modifications for the cutting as I had about double the prints than the pattern called for.  I just kinda winged it and started cutting the blocks as they fit.

I used some black County Classic Solids I got from JoAnns.  Hubby chose red for the binding, so I grabbed some of that while I was there. 

Started cutting this one out on Saturday, and by Saturday night... I already had two rows complete :-)

The top was done by Sunday night, and basted by Monday night.

Now it's time to figure out how to quilt this baby.  Hubby requested yellow thread for the quilting.. but that's as far as I've gotten.  Can't really do my habitual "echo quilting" on this one as most of the blocks are too big.  Thinking I may just do either a large meandering or stipple.. but I'm not sure.  Haven't FMQ'ed anything without a stencil so far, so I may need to practice a bit before I attempt it on this one.

It's in the single-digits here in NE Ohio, so I'm hoping to get this one finished up this weekend so Hubby can enjoy it while relaxing on the couch!

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  1. Very nice, I like that pattern-will have to check it out.

  2. I am impressed. I did not know it was even possible to finish all my WIPs :)

  3. Great. I just happened to be reading your blog in bed with my husband and now he's seen YOUR husband's quilt and wants one just like it. Thanks a lot! :)
    Great pattern choice to show off the fabric!

  4. Great progress! I like that he knows what thread color he wants, and an all over stipple sounds like a good quilting pattern to me.

  5. Wow your hubby's quilt is going to be done a lot quicker than mine! Love the pattern you chose to show off those prints :)

  6. Those framed squares were a great design choice for those fun prints. About the quilting.... If you are into quilting with your walking foot, I just posted a tip filled post on that this week. It may inspire you!

  7. Wow! You are fast! Love that you chose your hubby first! It says a lot about you and how much you love him! Well done!

  8. What a fun quilt to work on! I think a meander would be perfect!

  9. I have to admit a bit of ignorance...I didn't know what "Family Guy" was, so I had to go look. Great quilt with so much wonderful color, that IMHO, a meander would suit it beautifully. Cute blog, too!

  10. WOW - once you get started you really do go at it! Fabulous.