Monday, July 14, 2014

Make-A-List Monday: 7/14/14

Hello there ladies & gents!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!  I photographed a wedding on Saturday, and between the rehearsal on Friday and the big day... I am exhausted (still).

Here's a recap of last week's list:
  • Continue working on the Lattice Quilt - Hoping to at least get all the squares cut and the strips cut to size - D.O.N.E.  Got all the layer cakes cut into squares and then into triangles.  The honey bun has been cut into 7" strips.  That's about all I got done on it so far.

Here we go with this week's list:
  • Continue working on the Lattice Quilt - Wanting to get all the strips and triangles ironed in half so I can start piecing the blocks together.  Also hoping I can start sewing these blocks together and getting this show on the road :-)
  • Work a little bit on the Entrelac knitted pillow
Don't have much on the list again this week, but I'm also still recovering from the big wedding weekend last weekend.  I've got housework to do and I've also gotta get something organized for Hubby's birthday this weekend :-)  Trying not to over-extend myself this week.

That's it for me today.  Hope you have a great Monday and a fabulous week to come!

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