Saturday, May 9, 2015

Show-Off Saturday: Yet ANOTHER Bag!

I know, I know... I think I have an addiction!  I made yet another Bionic Gear bag.  However, this one wasn't my choice, it was a request by my mom.  She loved her bag so much that she wanted one to give to my uncle's wife for her birthday.  She was just going to give her the one I made her (and pay me for it) and then keep the sewing-themed one that I made for her.  Told her that was silly, and of course I could make another one for her.

Went "stash diving" and found an awesome FQ bundle I had gotten from Fort Worth Fabric Studio a little while back.

This was one of their "Friday Bunches" a few weeks back and think it was called "Silent Movie."  Loved the black and white prints together... so fun!

I used the chalkboard fabric for the outside and then bits and pieces of the rest of the bundle for the inside pockets.

Bag Exterior

Bag Interior
I'm SO glad I ordered a million zippers from Wawak the last time they had a huge sale!  Honestly thought I went overboard and bought way too many (close to 200 total!), but now I'm seeing how quickly the stash is going down with every bag I make :-)  May have to keep an eye out for another sale soon!

I also FINALLY have my "top secret" project finished and should be able to share soon!  Just need to get it to the recipient before I do, seeing as though I don't know if he/she reads my blog or not.  Don't want to ruin a surprise.

Trying to decide what project is next on the list... I've got so many, I don't know which one to choose!  No more secret projects (I think) or projects with upcoming deadlines, so it may be time I finally made something for myself.  We'll have to see ;-)

I hope everyone is having a fabulous Saturday!

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  1. Love these bags and all their fabulous compartments! TFS