Saturday, May 16, 2015

Let The Fates Decide

This is the first time in over a year that I don't have projects with deadlines or on the "desperately need to do" list.  Totally feels weird!  Honestly, I've been so preoccupied with gifts and such that I haven't even made anything for myself :(

Hubby kinda demanded that my next project be something for me.... however, I have oh so many projects on "the list" that I had no clue where to even start!  So, I decided to let everyone else pick what was next on my list.  I posted a poll over on the Missouri Star forums with ten options, ranging from Etsy store stuff to a commissioned project, to quilts for my house.  I let my fellow quilters decide.

"Technically" the poll won't close until today, but I gave the deadline of 6 pm last night.  Whichever project had the most votes was the "Winner."  After 75 votes.... The "Charmed Spools" quilt for me looks to be what's next on my quilting table!  I actually bought the materials for this one back in December when Missouri Star was having one of their free shipping days.  I can say enough how much I LOVE this store!

Here's my "haul" from December for this quilt....

Most likely I'll just be using some plain white muslin for the backing, but we'll have to wait and see what "goes" with it. 

I'm going to be starting my quilt this weekend, but before I do, I want to finish up a smaller project I've been working on. Since getting "Pearl" last November and getting back into embroidery, I've accumulated quite a stash of stabilizers. Up until now they've just been thrown into one of the drawers in my filing cabinet. It is a pain to have to keep pulling them all out just to get to the one I need. Going in search of a solution, I turned to Google, scouring the web. I saw a bunch of blogs where people are using shoe racks, but unfortunately I have no room in my HUGE walk-in closet to hang one (I know... Cleaning it out is on my list for this summer). I then stumbled on this adorable pattern on Etsy and it was just what I needed!  I can hang it on the back of my door and it'll be personalized to my craft room :-)

After a trip to Joanns for fabric and vinyl, I was set. First thing I did right off the bat was make the bias tape. I can honestly say that's one thing I've never done before. Lol. The pattern author suggested the "continual bias tape" method (something I have never heard of).... So back off to Google I went. A couple of YouTube videos later, I was ready to give it a try. 

Now, the pattern said that 3/4 yard should be enough to do all the double-fold and single-fold needed. I'm thinking I did something wrong as I only got about half of what I needed out of that 3/4 yard :-(

ANOTHER trip back to Joanns to get more fabric. Made up another 3/4 yard of tape and hopefully that will be enough. I actually grabbed 1.5 yards just in the event it wasn't. Not that I have any problem with going to Joanns, but I just didn't want to have to run again as going in for "just one thing" ends up costing me a fortune. Lol. 

I've now got my holder to the point of adding the vinyl pouches and I'm determined to get this done today so I can empty out that drawer and use it for other goodies!

As soon as I get get this done, it'll be time to start my quilt and I'm so excited!!  It'll be so nice to actually have something for myself for a change :-)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday!

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  1. It would be wonderful to make something for yourself. Have fun with your new project :)


  2. Rosie, sewing for yourself is NOT selfish sewing. I think it's a wonderful experience to not have to sweat that you'll screw it up or the other person won't like it, etc. We take more risks when we sew for self, and sometimes great things happen. I look forward to seeing what happens with your next project(s), and hope this isn't the last time soon. Enjoy the luxury of some easy sewing days.

    Julie @ Pink Doxies

  3. It's going to be fab - I love the fabrics!