Thursday, April 2, 2015

Sewing Expo Recap (A Wee Bit Late)

I'm a little late with my post, but things at Chez Rosie have been a bit on the chaotic side lately.  Last Friday I headed off to the Cleveland IX Center for the Original Sewing & Quilt Expo with my mom and my sister's MIL.  It's and annual tradition for us, and so exciting this year because I actually do half the stuff that they demonstrate and know what I'm looking at.  Lol. 

I had a shopping list and everything!  Ha ha ha.  So many things I wanted to check out, and excited for the great deals ahead :D

Me, Mama, and Kath taking a break for lunch
I didn't take any classes, but had a blast shopping with the gals!  Mom was on a misson to find embroidery software, and after HOURS of walking around and exploring all the options, she finally settled on the Husqvarna Viking 6D software.  She got a KILLER deal too.... 50% off!!  Talk about a fabulous deal!  Honestly, I'm totally psyched she got it.  I've got a couple of designs I need for some upcoming projects that I've been unable to find.  What a great way to "play" with the new software!

I also took the opportunity to meet a fellow Missouri Star Forum member, Debbie MM (Debbie).  She was at the expo on the same day, mainly taking classes, but we were sure to meet up in-person for the first time.  So great to meet Internet friends :D

I wish I could say that I was "good," but I can't.  Well... technically, I was some-what good.  I followed Hubby's rule of "if it doesn't fit in the craft room, I can't buy it."  Lol.  No major purchases for me, but I did manage to pick up LOTS of great goodies!

Don't mind the mess in the background!  I didn't clean off my table before shooting pics.  Lol.  Included in my "haul" was....

  • Tear-Away, Cut-Away, and Poly-Mesh stabilizers for my embroidery machine
  • (6) Tea Towels (for co-worker Christmas gifts this year)
  • BIG spool of embroidery machine bobbin thread
  • Various spools of day-glow and neutral embroidery threads
  • A package of the Bosal In-R-Foam Single Sided interfacing (just HAD to try it out!)
  • A couple of 1-yard cuts and a couple FQ's
  • A Viking 1/4" piecing foot and package of bobbins
  • (2) Stuffed Lady Bug panels
  • Couple of patterns
  • A fabric stack for the "Betty Bag"
All-in-all, not too bad.  I was debating on going back on Saturday (Hubby offered to take me) to pick up some more of the big spools of embroidery thread and to see what kind of wheeling and dealing was going on with it being the last day of the expo, but decided against it.   I got enough stuff to keep me occupied for a while, and while I didn't "break the bank," I still hit my budgeted amount and didn't want to go over.

Already looking forward to next year's expo... is that sad?  Lol.  Was very happy this year though, going into it with some knowledge before hand of what I was looking for, what would be a good deal, what I needed, etc.  Completely beats last year's visit

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