Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Falling Behind

Seriously, are we half-way thru September already?!?!?!  How on earth did that happen?  I've honestly been so busy that I don't know if I'm coming or going anymore.  Lol.  With my grandma being sick, and then Hubby's grandma having hip-replacement surgery and is now in rehab, I've been "burning the candle at both ends" since the middle of August. As a result, I am quickly falling behind in my list of stuff that I need to do and things that MUST get done!

Here's where I stand:

Christmas Gifts:
  • Quilts
    • Grandma - about 80% done.  Need to finish the quilting and bind
    • Aunt #2 - Need to get started.  Have all the materials ready to go
    • Gram (Hubby's Grandma) - Have all materials
    • MIL - Have all materials
    • FIL - Need to get materials.  Going to do camo rag quilt
  • Pot Holders - need to make as many sets as possible for co-worker gifts.  Have all materials 
Other Sewing Projects:
  • Sewing
    • (x4) Button-Down Shirts for Hubby - have all materials ready to go
    • (x5) Pajama Shorts for Me - have all materials ready to go
  • Quilting
    • Puppy Quilt for my BFF - NEED DONE BY 9/27!!
    • Fall Table Runner for my Mom - have all materials
    • Halloween Table Runner for Me - have all materials
    • Christmas Table Runner for Me - have all materials
    • Christmas Tree Skirt for Me - have all materials
    • (x4) Quilts for the niece and 3 nephews - have all materials
Other Projects To Do:
  • Finish editing wedding photos from July - NEED DONE BY 9/30!!
  • Gut spare bedroom & move craft room back downstairs - Would like done by end of October
  • Gut/re-organize garage - Would like done by end of October before the snow hits
Phew.... it makes me tired just thinking about it all!  Throw in the regular weekly stuff (chores, laundry, etc.), I seriously need another 5 hours in the day!  I'm taking things one at a time (for the most part) and working on finishing all those projects that are in process.  I.E. When I get home from work tonight, it's dinner time and then editing photos for the rest of the evening.  The plan is the same for tomorrow, and with any luck I'll be over half-way done with them by bedtime tomorrow night.  Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights Hubby is DJ-ing, so those will be my crafting nights.  Going to wrap up the quilting on my grandma's Yellow Brick Road quilt and hopefully get started on the "Puppy Quilt" I need done by the 27th. 

If I can stick to my little "schedule," I should be able to get everything done on time... but you never know what is going to get thrown at you at the last minute! 

Off to finish up my day at work, and then get started on the list as soon as I get home.  Wish me luck!!! :D

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  1. I see a busy time ahead :-) Just don't overwhelm yourself and try and get done what you know you can. There's always next year :-)